Sunday, 12 January 2014

Exploring Winchester

Michael and I have been on a couple of day trips recently as there have been so many new places to explore :) the weather was pants, but Winchester was possibly the most fancy so I must share a few highlights!

The cathedral 

A sweet little cafe 

The museum. I certainly liked this museum but it could have been a whole different experience. In York, the museum  has a road housing lots of different shops with experts keeping them- you can pop in and the staff will tell you what happened in them years ago and what they were used for etc. it's pretty incredible in my opinion :) 

This museum was like that, but the shop assistants weren't available :( I enjoyed exploring regardless! 
Tobacco shop

Michael exploring the apothecary- so cool, my favourite store :) 

A hardware shop. 

I really loved this museum. I am definitely going to go back when the people are in there to talk to. I have no idea why I find things like that so interesting but I do, and it just fascinates me. 

Lovely clock in the high street, just like in York too! 

After this we went to the royal green jackets museum (all about Michael's army regiment history) but I didn't take any photos?!? And then we had an incredible burger at o'neils that if 100% get again, best part is that it was one but one get one for £1 so it was a great deal too! 

The rain soaked us through and it was bitterly cold- I know, kinda contradictory but honestly true- and we went home for the day... TO MAKE ROLO BROWNIES. oh they were good, but we cheated. A brownie packet mix with rolos pushed in and covered. Mmm :)

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