Monday, 6 January 2014

The move, part one

I have so much stuff. This is what the van took from my house- 


This is what my car had to take-

This is what the van looked like in the end

We drove to michaels camp the night before so we didn't have a ridiculous wake up call, and then signed for the flat first thing. Whilst waiting for the cavalry to arrive, we tried out the breakfasts at a local pub (not the nicest in all honesty). And in Michael's haste- his tea was ruined. 

We then went on a huge food shop to build our store cupboards up (I swear it's healthier than it looks haha) 

We unpacked for the rest of the day, and made sure things found a home (if not their forever home) and then relaxed with our first meal - spinach and ricotta tortellini with cheese sauce and fine beans. You'd better believe Michael complained about no meat even though he'd had a full English that morning! 

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