Thursday, 2 January 2014


I managed to get some right bargains in the sales this year! I never usually find anything that's either of a decent price or standard, and then all of a sudden lots of beauties find me and I've decided to think of it as sale fate. To make up for all of the previous years bad luck. They're likely to make an appearance on the blog as outfit posts so I'll leave it there for now... And introduce you to the Parka.

From for £25! What a bargain. It was between this one and a navy blue one from topshop, but Michael's cousins talked me into the green. And I love it! After I'd already ordered it they warned me I'd probably want to get a size smaller, so unfortunately I didn't. But I don't think it's half bad myself :) did you nab yourself any bargains?

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  1. I love it, it seems this kind of coat is super popular! I haven't bought any cloths for ages but I think I am pretty set for the next several years given that I do go through some extreme weight change haha