Friday, 10 January 2014

What I made: hair ribbon tutorial

I've always been inspired by this pin - I think it leads to a tutorial about how to wrap your hair under the band to create the wrapped look, but I'm more interested in the band itself. So when I found these beautiful rolls at a local craft chain...

I knew I'd found my latest project! 

With any project that you start without a tutorial, there were a couple of hitches - 

Actually, there was only that one. I had thought that I needed to be cautious of where to cut the ribbon but didn't think it through enough. It did only happen once though- I learned from my mistakes. 

Anywho, here is a tutorial in case you're interested, these ones are super simple :)
You will need: pretty ribbon, fabric elastic band, thread to match the colour of your ribbon and a needle. Simple as that! 

1) unwrap your ribbon and measure it's length from the behind/bottom of one ear, round the top of your head to the next one. Remember to consider the pattern and where is best to cut. This is only rough, I have other hair ribbons with lots of elastic but I don't like them as much for that very reason. If you plan on wearing it with your hair down (or like in the pin above!) then it won't matter as much, but I'm planning on wearing them with my hair in a big messy bun so they'll be on show. 

2) sew one end of he fabric elastic band to one end of the ribbon before you cut your elastic, this means you can place it around your head again to get it at the right tension for you. Consider which side to sew the elastic on: think about which side will be seen when you wear it and try and keep your stitches neat. 

3) wrap around your head, trim the elastic at the right length for you, and sew the other side to the ribbon. Trim any unruly bits like the one I'm touching with the safety pin...

4) sign off your thread and trim, you're done! 

Ta-da! Easy as pi. Is that meant to be pi or pie? On a similar note I'm reading the life of pi, have you? What did you think? It's going a bit slow at the moment but I like how he describes animals in a zoo vs the wild, that was interesting.

P.s. Don't let anyone come in whilst you're doing your creating. Michael came in to my room and complained about the mess... I told him where to go ;) 

It feels really good to be making again after the move- definitely got the creative juices flowing!

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