Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Almost the 99p store

Happy New Year all!! I hope you had a good night yesterday, Michael and I KO'd before 12 unfortunately.. I think we've turned into old people before our time?? But oh well, I don't regret a thing haha.

Before Christmas I found (okay found is misleading. It was never lost but I hadn't been there before) a new charity shop, and pretty much everything was 99p... SCORE. My kind of shop. Here are the beauties I found-

(I haven't stopped wearing this, it's borderline obsessive, dang turtle necks) 

A lovely chunky knit

 Very handy soft jumper. Nothing extraordinary but good for layering :) 

I'm gutted I had my hair cut after I see it's length in these photos! Have you been thrifting lately? I have to admit that I went again today as I wanted some mid heels to be able to wear to work, and most of the shops I was looking in had a £20+ price tag. I found these bad boys for £4 in British heart foundation (no idea how but my favourite buys are always from these!). I'm not sure about the bows in all honesty and I'm looking into their removal :p

And also these for £6 from primark - not sure how long they'll last being primarni but that's okay. 

Just one thing left to buy (a nice blazer, but the hunts been on for years) and I will be content. This has definitely been the best year for sales shopping and I worry that it's just because my standards are slowly dropping...

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  1. I love the second pair of shoes, very cute and lady like!