Monday, 3 February 2014

A greyish blue day

As I hinted the other day, I'd started a new project whilst Michael was away. When we moved into our flat, my dad very kindly gave us a chest of drawers. It fitted into our built in wardrobe, had enough storage for all our stuff and was generally perfect. Except it was lilac... Silly Stacey forgot to take the before picture pre-first-coat-of-paint, so this sorry excuse will have to do. 

As you can see it had been a wonderful shade of purple.. And also lime green at some point.. And a lovely neon pink too. But now, instead Of all of those wonderful colours, it's these...  

I found inspiration from Pinterest (common theme of the blog, all hale Pinterest) and after Michael and I had decided an olive green/blue colour scheme for the bedroom, I remembered that I had the paint leftover from my room project to hand. 

I love the finished piece and it feels good to have something that we've made our own, it our own home :) listen to me.. What a sap. 

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