Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Mondays recipe

My favourite thing to make at the moment has to be... Anything in the slow cooker. I've been a super prepared house wife recently, choosing meals for the week on a Sunday and going shopping. Preparing the ingredients the night before so I can just turn the dial of the slow cooker in the morning and be greeted by it's lovely aromas in the evening. 

My favourites been the pork chips, and I am going to share that recipe today. 

You need: 
2 pork chops
Chicken stock (made per instructions)
A very generous glug of Soy sauce 
Teaspoon of Honey
2 cloves of Garlic
2 teaspoons of ginger

Add it all, Mix it, make sure the chops are covered (add more stock if not), turn it on, enjoy. The flavour is intense throughout and the sauce leftover should definitely be reduced... I was too hungry though! We had it with sweet potato mash and fine beans but you can decide by what you have in the fridge :) 

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