Saturday, 22 February 2014

Mama Mia ikea

Michael and I have spent so much time at ikea since we moved away from home. Ikea was some what of a novelty. When my mum and Wayne came up, we went, when Michael's parents came up, we went, dad came up today, and we went again- but that's because I need to return a shelving set. Each time you go you get to 'swipe a surprise', and we've won things like a donut, a torch, a food hall voucher, and for all our hard work this time, we decided to use our restuarant voucher. £13 for food for two. 

So we got all of this.... 

And paid 65p. What a day. 

Ps please don't think I'm rude and ignoring you all. We still haven't got the internet sorted at the flat which means I'm still doing everything on my phone. Unfortunately on the blogger app there's not option to reply to comments, and when I try to use safari to sign into google it just freezes. So I'll still be AWOL on the comment front for a while :( sorry 

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