Monday, 3 February 2014


I first smelt accessorize's own fragrance in Leeds. I just happened to be walking into the shop when someone else had sprayed it and fell in love. That's happened before in the body shop too- and both perfumes I absolutely adore. I bought one from next recently (jadore) and it's not be at all, too strong, too much. But promise hits the nail on the head. 

It's light, delicate, not quite fruity but kinda floral I guess. It just smells fresh and really really pleasant. My only complaint is that it's eau de toilette and I lose sniff of it quite easily (mostly because I'd smell it 24/7 if I could!) 

I didn't buy the perfume the first time I smelled it, because I was being a poor student and couldn't afford it. Then when I'd been paid I thought I get it, and I swear the cashier told me it was over twenty pounds so I got on my high horse of 'I'm not paying over twenty pounds for a non brand perfume' (cause I happily buy next and the body shop for under that knowing they aren't brands) but when I popped into town, I decided I deserved it A) because I'd worked so hard at my poopy job and B) because I wanted it and had finally given in. To my pleasant surprise the perfume actual costs £15, not £20 odd, so that's something!

Have you ever tried it? I urge you to find your nearest accessorize! 

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