Sunday, 25 March 2012


I've been stuck indoors today, cleaning and finishing an application for a masters (exciting!!), but in between each of these jobs I have been sat at my laptop looking for pretty things and pining away. I live in a student house and it's always messy and horrible and I just can't wait for the day when I get to have a nice house that is everything I want and tidy and lovely. 

This website is far too dreamy and I find myself wanting everything, such as; 

My sister and mum and I like to go to little markets and cute bargain stores to hunt lovely things that we can do up or make into something nicer. An idea one time was to find a set of cups and saucers each, and then swap one with each other, so that at each of our houses we would have our own cup and saucer but we would also all have a collection. I reckon we'll be able to do this over Eastera or summer, but we don't want any old riff faff, something beautiful like the above sets. 

So many lovely place settings and plate sets.

Beautifully worn books

lovely lids

lovely vases (vase?)
books and crowns, I'd love a crown ring like a, b, c

and a personal fave, wedding cakes

This website is super cute too, almost like another pinterest but one girls opinion. 
Blazer, skirt, belt and bag
Shorts, blouse and bag
BEAUTIFUL skirt and top

I'd also like this one day

The Harry Potter update is coming I'm just waiting for Theana to upload the photo's so I can explain a bit better :)

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  1. I love these pretty things and I think the clothes are all perfect for you X X X