Sunday, 18 March 2012


Hey guys, you won't know this about me, but I have PCOS - Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. 

'Polycystic ovary syndrome is the name given to a condition in which women with polycystic ovaries also have one or more additional symptoms. The term polycystic ovaries describes ovaries that contain many small cysts (about twice as many as in normal ovaries), usually no bigger than 8 millimetres each, located just below the surface of the ovaries. These cysts are egg-containing follicles that have not developed properly due to a number of hormonal abnormalities.

Polycystic ovaries (PCO) are very common, affecting around 20 per cent of women. Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is also very common, affecting 5–10 per cent of women.
  • affects millions of women in the UK and worldwide
  • runs in families
  • is one of the leading causes of fertility problems in women
  • if not properly managed, can lead to additional health problems in later life
  • can affect a woman’s appearance and self-esteem.
Although PCOS is treatable, it cannot be cured.' - Verity, a PCOS awareness charity. 

Now I'm not going to sit here and tell you about my periods or the side effects I've got, because that's a little too personal for me. But what I would like to discuss, is the weight aspect of PCOS. While I am not classed as overweight or obese, keeping my weight steady is a constant battle.

Many women with PCOS have a weight problem. So researchers are looking at the relationship between PCOS and the body’s ability to make insulin. Insulin is a hormone that regulates the change of sugar, starches, and other food into energy for the body’s use or for storage. Since some women with PCOS make too much insulin, it’s possible that the ovaries react by making too many male hormones, called androgens. Weight gain is common around the waist - where it is most difficult to lose, even with diet and exercise. - health diaries

When I was younger I always looked at others who seem to maintain a healthy weight and wished/waited for the day that I'd become that person. I also waited for my skin to clear up and have a good complexion. Neither of these things will ever happen easily for me. It will always be a constant battle
While I try not to moan or get disheartened, it does get me down and it's something that bothers me every single day. On a usual day I'll have granary toast or fruit for breakfast, like a banana, and then a midmorning snack will consist of an apple, cashew (or other) nuts or pomegranate gems, lunch is soup, and dinner is usually my downfall (stir fry, spaghetti bolognese, sausage/sweetcorn/chips, roast carrots with roast chicken.. all if I can be bothered). I drink lots of green tea, white tea, peppermint tea, lemon and ginger tea. I find blogs that help with recipes and other people's tips for healthy eating, but mainly, I find that exercise is the only way to keep on top of things. 
Snack Ideas - Jacquelyn, Lark and Linen

These ladies unknowingly help me quite frequently, and if you have the same problem I'd like them to be helpful for you too :)

Sorry about the long writing-filled post. This is a very personal post and I've been debating whether to actually press 'publish post' for ages, but I've put the words together and written it for a reason, so that is why you're now reading it. 

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