Saturday, 31 March 2012

#2 A photo an hour

Gee I suck at getting things done on time!! I set a goal to do this once a month and I still haven't gotten around to it for March. Again, it's going to be on the weekend as my job means I really couldn't show you my weekday life.

I was up at 840, ridiculously early for a weekend and typical of a working girl. I felt like putting some summer outfits together and seeing what would go with a couple of my new tops. I'm trying to brave pairing them with shorts because I love the look but I'm just not that way inclined. Small photo's because it's not something I particularly like!

Please scuse the photo's.. no makeup and need a shower ha

9am, Then I climbed back into bed to catch up on some blogs and enter a couple of give-aways whilst still pining after Thursday's want list.

10am, Next.. and if you know me you guessed it.. I watched Saturday Morning Kitchen with Theana <3 I also had the tastiest ice lolly for breakfast. I'm an adult and I get to decide what I have for breakfast, ha. 

11am, still watching Saturday morning kitchen, with a (very weak) coffee and a snack nearby for when the cravings for decent food get too strong. Salt and pepper rice cakes - surprisingly hot!!

12, Theana and I are contemplating making our own mushy peas or cauliflower (we've had this recipe for a while).' The Little Paris Kitchen: cooking with Rachel Khoo' is my new favourite programme - I've always wanted to live in Paris! I also love how her kitchen is decorated, and I've never found a kitchen that I'd love to have... breakthrough!

sorry about the annoying line through the photo - I tried like 20 times to get one without it, but here's what I love about the kitchen:
  1. patterned tiles
  2. wood counters
  3. white basin/silver sink
  4. items nailed to the wall/hanging on the wall

1pm, carrot and coriander soup for lunch with a green tea. 

2pm, rekindled my love with Metronomy 

3pm, showertime

4pm, deciding what to wear tonight and getting ready (fake tan and hair rollers!)

it's been a very naked day, eh!

5pm, dinner - noodles and green tea. This is not a usual dinner and I was considering having a jacket potato but a. I don't want to bloat for later on and b. I need time to get ready!

Theana's dinner, much better and I shoulda eaten that.

 6pm, helping Theana choose what to wear tonight by donating my entire wardrobe

7pm, I've already done Theana's hair and now she's just doing mine...

8pm, finished product. Hair, tan, make up and clothed.  
very serious face because I'm trying to not do it in the mirror ha. 

9pm - a mess with lots of guests. I shall finish my day here :)
Hope you've had a lovely day too.

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