Thursday, 1 March 2012

London Best Bits

This is a follow up post from this one; original, 2nd post, 3rd post.

There are lots of things I loved about London;

  1. there is the opportunity to do anything and everything you want
  2. walking around the tube/general London, there are lots of nice smelling men*
  3. how you don't even need to check what time the next tube is because they're so frequent
  4. and how they all join up if you accidentally get onto the wrong one
  5. the beautiful architecture
  6. that London would be the perfect place to go on a date or to experience a newly formed relationship, so many fun things to do together!
  7. there are lots of musicians in the tube stations
  8. you have so much to do and it's really tiring so you get a really good nights sleep :)

Lots of beautiful buildings

A funny clock for a builders shop

Cute road art

Mario Kart post-its

Impromptu salvation army band

The museum building

Getting out of a station to lots of football fans and police

Lots of beautiful cupcakes

Have you ever been to London? What are your favourite things to do?

* in suits ;)


  1. Love the pictures from London - glad you saw lots of things - shame about the restaurant ( I think I would have given up before that!!!)

    Have just caught up all your blogs again - missed you while i was away :) xx

    1. I would have too had Michael not really wanted it to work out for us! xx