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I'm sure you've all been hearing about 'KONY 2012' and have your opinions formed on it. I'm still not sure. I agree with half of it, but with other stuff I've been reading I'm not so sure. If some of you haven't heard of it, the original video is here;

Something that you must read if you're going to watch the above video is this;

as well as this; 
'To all those that have something to say against a united front towards the greater good for mankind and humanity.

I come from africa myself.. i lived, breathed and sheltered myself away from the violence that stems from the north rushes south like the turbulance of an avalanche. trust me when i say KONY is only the tip of an extremely corrupt, deceiptful and war torn iceberg. If you have never lived or even visted africa and see it for your own eyes.. then you will not understand what actually happen son a day to day basis..And I dont mean take the tourist or student trip where you are protected night and day.. take the risk InvisibleChildren have taken to film and show you what is going on. the constant fear of looking over your shoulder wondering not IF but WHEN all day every day. I have been there.. it becomes numbing.. like Jacob is in the movie. It gets to a point where you want to give up. It's easier. I can assure you that if KONY found out.. which im sure he knows now what is going on.. the Invisible Children would have been murdered. that is africa. when there is an opposition they get killed. anything for the greater good.. i.e. money isnt in your pocket so you live rich then they must die. matter of fact in africa. if you dont like to read. look around. search deeper. that is africa my friend. welcome to it!

The sad part of all of this that you and everyone who agrees against them are naive enough to post something so negative.. it trully shows your lack of understanding of what really is going on and your determination to try correct. This is the youth movement to show the government that we are the future. and we want the future to start NOW. Its not about the money.. its about having enough people to make a stand to change what is wrong. Did Egypt spend money to make a differnece.. NO. It took a nation to sit down and protest. It is our time to unite not a a nation.. as MANKIND to make the difference and make the WORLD that WE want to.

I actually do not wish for anyone to experience any of the injustice that happens in the place I call home. Because you sit in safety thousands miles away from it all. Live with it happening next door.. think of it as your own brother/sister/nephew/neice/son or daughter.. I think then you might just grab a glimse in to the world that so few actually see or can even comprehend. because even for me.. i find it difficult to imagine and i lived amoungst it. Yes media may make things worse.. however the shocking fact is that the media actually protects you from the worst of it.. and I can promise you this.. by the time the year is out. We will all know more than media would like us to. The true state of africa's situation.

We have to start somewhere. And I just hope that you find it somewhere in your heart to understand that the guys in InvisibleChildren are spending their careers (albiet that they chose to do the change).. however to change the lives of others for the BETTER. Noone can be so self to judge them for making a change for the humanity of others.. my question to you is.. What are you doing to change the lives of others for the better? and not globally I mean with who you work with/for, speak to, hang around with etc. Can you honestyly say you spend time and money trying to change someone or something? to make a difference? I think I can guess your answer.. because its the same answer I had until last year.. so I call to you.. STAND UP! BE HEARD! its NOT about the money.. Its about the movement, the passion, the power and the CARE to want better for others and yourselves. Do you want this world run by tyrants? We have a greater voice and impression than any government could ever have. WE ARE THE FUTURE! dont listen to the media and the conspirsists.. do whats right in your heart and stand together as a United Front for Mankind and take the future and what it holds in to our own hands and make it what we want!

Written by Dylan Johnny LongArm Thompson'

I particularly like the last paragraph of the above comment, as the message it puts across is inspiring and provocative. 

Do you have any other articles to read on the matter?

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