Wednesday, 10 July 2013

How to have a fun day when you still need to work

I found myself in a predicament. I wanted to be out enjoying and making the most of the weather, but I need to do my dissertation and to type on my laptop and I need lots of papers and books around me. For 2-3 days I put it off. But then I thought about Michael being home very soon and reconsidered- I can't put it off anymore. So insteaaaaaaaaad! I've charged up my laptop, donned my favourite bikini, set up a sun lounger and found some shade. Here I am, typing and researching away.. IN THE SUN!

Oh it's bliss I tell you. I am so happy sat here, it doesn't even matter that I'm working because I enjoy the work I do :) here are some photo's I managed to take on my laptop ha.

That last photo has no justice at all, silly laptop camera. There are so many vibrant greens and blues that I am just uber happy! How is the weather where you are?


  1. haha that's you sure know how to enjoy life :D
    I can't study any where but in my own room because I am easily distracted

    1. Aw that sucks, I'd hate to be stuck inside in this glorious weather!