Sunday, 14 July 2013

Weekly Roundup #37

Hmm.. what have I got for you this week? Quite a lot as usual! I finished off my last week at uni; my last shift at work, last meal with friends etc

At work, my boss took me to Frankie and Benny's for a goodbye meal - potato skins, pizza and waffles!

I bumped into my pal Aly D, I cooked us some spag bol and then we went to her new pad for a cuppa, check out her cool green tea proper leaves - super fancy.

Obviously Rosi and I had to have one last coffee shop date

and we actually went for a wax, pedicure and picnic before I left too which was nice :)

A good bye chocolate box enjoyed with Theana

This was the same evening as the final meal with friends (separate post!)

and also the same evening as the ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE. (Separate post again ;) )

a funny letter from Thomas

and BED SHOPPING YIIPPEEEEEE! (yay for redecoration) 

Looking back on this feels like it was months ago, but it really wasn't. I'm enjoying my time at home a lot, it's lovely to spend much needed time with family, but I am seriously looking forward to Michael being home soon!!

p.s. my Granddad is my newest reader - HI GRANDDAD!! 

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  1. Your zombie thing is pretty legit, did you do the makeup yourself?