Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Summer Style

What a cheesey post name. But once I'd thought it I couldn't think of anything different haha. But yes, this is my new summer style. I decided that I wanted to try wearing a midi skirt. I still don't quite own any midi skirts but I thrifted two gorgeous long skirts at the weekend, with the idea that I would take them up to make them fit my idea. To finish off the whole outfit I want little kitten heels, just a little bit but not enough to make my feet hurt.

My inspiration has come from these photos all found on my pinterest;

Whilst I'm not always going to wear them with a crop top like I have here (and I hopefully won't always have to roll it up at the waist haha), I still think it's a super cute look.


I'm so excited to have a reason to wear it, e.g. any slight hint of sun, when Michael's back or my birthday BBQ :)


  1. I think you should totally wear it with the crop top, show off them abs!

    1. I WISH I had abs! I have a little pot belly near my naval. haha

  2. nice summer outfits. and I like your necklaces, it looks nice it your outfit.