Monday, 1 July 2013

Monday's Recipe: Typically British Roast Chicken Thighs

**Although this isn't the longest post, I'm going to put a cut in as it features raw chicken breast and I don't want to offend or shock any possible vegetarians who might be reading this.**

I had four chicken thighs that I've needed to use up before I leave uni, and it was a Sunday, so I decided that I wanted to cook something for Rosi that my nan usually cooks for Sunday dinner. The general idea is a simple one - chicken and stuffing. Like my nan, I added sausage meat to my stuffing (not enough though, only 4 sausages worth! )

So for this recipe you'll need;
4 chicken thighs
probably about 6-8 sausages (all I know is 4 is not enough!)
half a packet of stuffing (unless you don't mind some leftover, which I don't)
seasoning (salt, pepper, chicken stock cube)

To accompany I made potato and sweet potato chips - it should have been roast potatoes but Rosi loves my home made chips and I like to make people happy so yeah, I made those in stead. 

First of all, debone your chicken thighs - this is important because it makes it so much more enjoyable! You also can't get the pre-de-boned ones because they don't have the skin on, and the skin is what keeps all the flavour and stuffing in.

Next up make your stuffing up according to the packet  -

Add the sausage meat into the stuffing and mix until it's thoroughly and evenly dispersed - if you don't you get a big ol chunk of pork and it's a little off putting in my opinion! 
Next, spread your boneless chicken thigh as flat as possible -

Add as much stuffing as you'd like (which for me is usually too much, ha)

Then wrap it up into a neat tidy pile-

Do that for all of the thighs, sprinkle the top of them with the oxo cube and make stuffing balls with the rest of your mixture! 

Cook on a low heat for a longer amount of time - I recommend probably about 150 degrees, for an hour or so. Just so the flavours really infuse and that skin gets crispy and flavourful! The stuffing balls do not need that long though so put them in after. I've only just eaten this but it was so super tasty that I want it again already... 


  1. Replies
    1. Oh it was.. not as good as my nan's though.. never is, though, is it?

  2. I love homemade fried potatoes... french fries... chips whatever they may be called. so yummy, I haven't tried with sweet potatoes before though, I'll have to try that out.