Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Birthday Buys

I got a bit of money for my birthday, mostly that I'm going to be saving, but Michael and I went to town today and I managed to bag a couple of little bargains in the sale! All of which I am in love with :D

£2 rings from River Island (Thanks MilkTeef, I have been looking for these for AGES)

From accessorize, I got the most adorable bee and hive necklace for £3 (above), 
and aztec triangle earrings for £3 (below) 

Since leaving uni and not living with Theana anymore, I haven't had any good earrings to wear so now I am starting to build up my collection!


  1. loooove the earrings and those rings are special! never seen anything like those! are they stackable?

    1. They aren't I don't think, one is smaller than the other, so they fit on different fingers. I guess you could on the thinner finger but I like good tight fitting rings!

  2. the bee hive is so cute and the rings are amazing! The earrings really suit you.