Sunday, 28 July 2013

Our Little Getaway

Michael took me to a little cottage in North Devon for my birthday. Partly for my birthday, partly for some time together for a few days whilst he was back :) We found the place here and enquired further- this was because of Michael's R&R, we didn't want to be away for a whole week because he'd want to spend time with his family too. The owners were incredibly lovely and could work with our dates, so we went ahead and booked it. We were emailed all the details before hand so it all worked out rather smoothly. When we arrived, the keys were already in the door which was a nice touch- it made it feel very safe! We decided to explore, check it out...

Love him.


We spent our first evening eating cheese and watching films, it was all very cosy and homely...

The place was really great. We didn't realise it would be so close to the owners family home, but when our oven didn't work on the first night, Malcolm (the owner), popped up to help us out so it was super handy. He was friendly and took our cheese to his house to be baked (don't worry, he did pop it back up to us!). It was a very well thought out place to stay. Apart from lacking a hair dryer I would say everything had been thought of; dishwasher (with soap provided), tv, towels, books, sheets, soaps, maps, instruction manuals, cafetiere etc, which made the whole trip a lot easier.

The location was also lovely, away from any main roads, surrounded by fields, streams and woodlands - the perfect break. We passed all kinds of animals on the way which was also nice, but those photos are on Michael's phone typically. Another day! But yes, I will leave it here for now and tell you about what we got up to another day :)


  1. What a lovely place. For some reason, that picture of michael peaking into the camera from under the stair case is very funny, reminds me of those pictures with the cat peaking at the camera from behind some object lol

    1. Haha yes, I definitely know what you mean!