Sunday, 4 August 2013

Monday's Recipe: Fragrant Brown Rice

I was just moaning to Michael that I can never seem to follow just one recipe - I usually have an idea in my head of how things are supposed to go, and if none of the recipes fit it exactly but just have certain components I'll mix them all together. I should just trust my gut in the first place really! So today I am discussing a fragrant rice recipe, and you will need:

  1. Brown rice, as much as you'd like
  2. Oil to heat spices before boiling in the rice
  3. Cardamon pods - I accidentally let 7 fall into the pan but I meant to put 5 in.
  4. Cloves - I put 2, depends how much you like
  5. Mustard seeds - a fair few
  6. Cumin seeds
  7. Cinnamon quill - or ground if you have that
  8. Black pepper corns - 3
  9. Lemon juice
Basically, you put all the ingredients bar the rice and lemon juice in a saucepan, let it do it's thing for a few minutes (until the mustard seeds start to pop), and then add the hot water, rice and lemon juice. LET ME SAY RIGHT NOW - The hot water WILL sizzle in the pan with the hot oil so prepare yourself, wear long sleeves and make sure you step back. I don't want any casualties! 

I took my cinnamon quill out halfway through cooking because, as much as I love cinnamon, I don't want it to be the dominant flavour (that's why I don't mind about the excessive cardamon!).

Have you ever tried a recipe like this? What would you include or leave out? I'm eager to hear more!

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