Saturday, 3 August 2013

First Stop of the Day Trip

When Michael and I woke up (I'd like to pretend it was bright and early, but the cockerel didn't call until at least 8), we had showers, breakfast and set off for the day. I had it all planned out, and the first stop was underground caverns! We only drove for a little bit before discovering their story...

he so much dreamier than I am. haha, plus my nose is shadowy

apparently they do weddings in the caves which would be lovely - you could see leftover candles from the last ones. I think it'd look magical but I wouldn't want to wear the yellow hard hats that are required. After we finished looking around, we went outside for a nice nature walk. Michael, the soldier, got out of breath on the incline and had to slow down, what a girl!

It was a good first stop and set high expectations for the rest of the trip! 


  1. I wouldn't want a wedding in a cave, just feels inconvenient lol
    That little door in the tree trunk is so cute, is that where all the forest elf live?

    1. Well I was hoping the fairies were in there but I could compromise to an elf! Ha, yeah.. I guess it's for those who are super interested in slate or.. rocks.