Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Exploring Exeter

Michael and I spent another day in Exeter at the weekend, and I think this is likely to be a little feature on the blog as we like exploring the city. 

This time we looked around Northernhay Gardens and went to a restaurant called Ruby for lunch. 

I really love this tree, do you know what kind it is? I'd like to know. 

Ruby was a we'll decorated restaurant, the staff were really friendly and the people had a nice buzz. All the ingredients are sourced locally and the dishes were well put together. 

I had a really good filtered coffee, and Michael over paid for a can of cream soda. 

This is the reason we went - Michael loves a pulled pork bun (I get the gherkins and coleslaw). 

And I got a ruby burger (cheese and bacon, clearly).

I wanted to like this place, I really liked it when we peered in from the outside and even went in, but the food was a miss. Michael liked his bun but it was a very small portion, the cheese in mine was far too strong, my whole burger was excessively greasy and the slither of bacon was tiny. 

I wouldn't order one again and it's put me off trying anything else there to be honest. It didn't ruin the day though- we shopped for a little while and then went back to the boston tea party (our favourite little cafe it seems! More on that later...) 

As usual, it was such a good day. It always makes feel rejuvenated and ready for work again in the evening :) have you heard of ruby restaurants? What did you think? 

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  1. Whats the pink stuff in the burger?
    Also they look tiny, probably wouldn't fill me up!