Monday, 14 October 2013

Monday's Recipe: Sweet Potato, Carrot and Bacon Soup

Now it's turning into Autumn I'm much more drawn to soups, stews and roasts. Food that warms you and the house, for a little extra lovin'

my pal came to say hi and sniff out what was occuring

Very standard soup recipe really:
3 carrots,
1 sweet potato,
2 rashers of bacon (needed more really but I didn't want to defrost any)
chicken stock
salt, pepper and rosemary (as much as you like, I think the rosemary really makes it)

Peel, chop, brown, boil, grill/chop/add bacon, add herbs, stir, mash. Simple. Yet very delicious.


  1. kitty looks like he? she? got some goth lip sticks on :P

    1. hehe, its a he. He's got a little black patch on his chin, bless him.