Sunday, 27 October 2013

What I wore: Fleece Lined

It's no secret that I'm a big fan of charity shops. I nabbed this little bargain a while ago, and asked my mum to take it up. It was quite an effort as it is some kind of magical dress that always looks tapered. It cost a grand total of 90p as the shop had a half price sale on that day, and although a button is missing, it was still a clear steal!


I paired it with the wide grey belt I made, and the mustard clip belt from primark. I also have fleece lined leggings and, to make up for the little amount spent on the dress, MY NEW BOOTS!! ee! from this post the other day, I got paid holiday pay unexpectedly, and decided it was my necessary purchase. The delivery was quick, the boots fit great and inside they are also fleece lined - a nice touch that wasn't listed (or I didn't read.. which is more likely)

I'm excited to put together more outfits with these badboys, I'm so glad they arrived in time for Autumn! And with this awful storm coming in, I will still be toasty.

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  1. It must still be pretty warm in England! In Vancouver, the winter jackets have come out!