Friday, 11 October 2013

Goosey Fair

Every year, in Tavistock, a lovely little town near where I live, there is a fair. It's rumoured to be called Goosey fair because farmers walked their geese through the town to the market to be sold, which adds even more charm in my opinion :) I have never been before, but Michael and his family do not stop raving about it, and when Michael talks about it his whole face lights up like an excited little kid. So of course I had to go down and see what it's all about!

It was organised very well, with 3 different park and ride spots to try and relieve the usual congestion, which worked like a dream. Hollie, Josh and I drove to the car park, hopped on the bus and got excited about what we might find. I typically needed the toilet the whole way, why? why? why do I always drink a cup of water before I leave the house?? Why do you still feel thirsty even when your bursting for the loo?? One of life's unfair mysteries. So anyways, once we got there, I headed straight for the loo and left the others watching the fair ground rides whilst smelling the donut-filled air.

There were far more rides than I could photograph, and you all know what they look like anyways (plus I've reclaimed some shyness from not taking photographs all the time and felt hesitant at some points). So next it was onto the other streets (literally 3-4 full streets filled, I never realised it was so big!). These mainly offered food and old tat that you don't want or need as an adult, but loved as a child.

There were many different options for savoury food; chinese noodles, pork rolls, burgers, chips etc, the food you expect from this kinda thing! and also sweets, cotton candy, donuts, churros, cakes. 

We had pork rolls for dinner, which were slightly disappointing, but only because we then found a secret stall with venison and wild boar on it, that's much more up my street! oh well.

My favourite stall was this one;

I bought some goodies too! Those salt and pepper cashew nuts were incredible. 

We got on the bus home nibbling on our buys, and decided to have a fancy coffee (I bought Hollie an espresso maker for her birthday!), whilst watching Masterchef Australia. Certainly a great evening spent with wonderful friends :D

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  1. wow so lovely, the word that comes to mind is "quaint"
    also love the minion beanies