Tuesday, 15 October 2013

The Room Change, Part 2

Having sorted the floor, the next step was painting. This was a long old task because the colour in my head did not easily transfer to the colour on my wall. Having bought numerous tester pots....

These are the colours I chose

but after I took this photo of Michaela face on my bed, I realised that his T-shirt blue was the colour I actually wanted.. oh well, it would have been real difficult to find!

Painting took DAYYYYYYYSSSSS. okay two, perhaps three. But I'm kind of impatient. The general idea for colours was blue on that wall (as you can see), dark grey on that wall (again, as you can see) and lighter grey on the window wall. I don't know why I needed three colours, but it's what I was feeling so it happened. I also chose a dark brown gloss for the wall moldings and door. I slightly regret this decision, as really it needs to be lighter.. but that's something I'm working on (with sandpaper).

So with my walls painted, the organising and bed came next!

And there you have it! That's all I have to show you currently. The painting and floors are all sorted, the bed made and the cupboards organised. I still need new curtains and I want to distress the walls a little, think thisthis and this. I also need something to go above my bed there, some kind of feature. I'm thinking an old kind of frame that's quite big, or a big mirror or something. But we'll see.. I haven't found anything in the charity shops/car boot sale just yet.

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