Wednesday, 9 October 2013

poo-poo to you, blogging funk.

I've decided to poo-poo this blogging funk. There are so many things that you fall out of love with that you get back into (mostly because you have to) such as a case at work, a book your reading or an assignment you're writing. So yeah, I decided that blogging overload is the only way to combat such issues. What do you reckon? Okay well there's another reason, my friend Eley just found my blog (and I hope she likes how many times she's featured in different a posts, and suddenly realises why I take random photo's all the time! ha), so lets all say hi to her :)

And this evening, as you may have already predicted, I have an outfit to share.

Remember that shirt a while ago, that Harriet gave me, that I wasn't sure how to wear? Well I rethought it. And this is my take on wearing a shirt. Not making it into a shirt at all! I like it, it makes me feel too fancy to wear day-to-day but I think it'll be alright on a night out or to dinner or something! Although this tight dress means you can see the tights I'm wearing and that's not at all weird... I feel like a pregnant lady who has one of those tummy lines. 

Natalie (my sister), her husband and my niece, Isabelle, are on holiday this week, and I got a text earlier saying that Belle won a dancing competition, which is just the cutest as she's only just 1 year old, and already a great dancer. Anytime a beat comes on she wiggles side to side with the biggest grin, oh she's my favourite person.

Also, as a little update, Michael got back from Afghanistan on the 28th!! There was a big hoo-ha with the flights, but most importantly we got him back in one piece and for a whole week. It was pretty damn sweet if I'm honest. We spent most of it seeing family, eating food and cuddling/watching TV.

Speak to you soon :) 

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