Thursday, 10 October 2013

The Room Change, Part 1

This post has been a long time coming, I think you'll agree. But yes, I finally decided to bite the bullet and write it up. I had a lot of fun and also a lot of frustrations sorting this room re-jig, hopefully writing it up means I remember the good times too! I have to add that my room is still not finished, there's more I want to do to it but with very little funds it's just not possible right now. So here is what my room looked like before; purple and green walls, with blue carpet and a single bed...

I had a lot of magazine pages on my wall, all with adverts that I liked or stories I wanted to keep. It suited me in high school, but I've disliked it since being at uni. So down down down came all of the papers.

My biggest desire for the room was to have my carpet up, my old carpet isn't bad, but I LOVE wood floors and I wanted whatever was under the carpet to be exposed. Dad complied and started hacking away at it. It was a messy job as the underlay had gone funny, so we had to do it in sections, but it was worth it!

(I ate houmous and carrot)

With all the moving of the beds, sorting different items out, hoovering up the junk and carrying the carpet around, it was a very long day. I know my dad has a soft spot for ice cream, and headed to tesco for these bad boys - 

We ate a fair bit of each tub and then swapped (our usual tactic) but after a few spoonfuls, agreed we preferred what we had initially, and swapped back! 

So the finished floor looks like this 
I know I could stain it, or paint it or whatever, but I love it as it is. I wanted a rustic, creaky, worn out room and those floorboards were just the start! 

On a different note, it's my 500th post today. Can you believe that? 500?? Just crazy. How do I have enough to ramble on about for 500 posts. I almost feel like a fraud. and I feel like this should be far more of a celebration than I can give it... so here's a little compilation of my favourite dance celebration GIFs ha.




  1. Woah no way, you have 500 posts already?!?!?! You go girl!
    I really love hummus, I eat it all the time as a very thick salad dressing.
    I like the floors but I hope it doesn't creak too much or else you will start to think the house is haunted hehe

    1. I've been going for a while!! I read somewhere that you can add a bit of water to make it into a salad dressing, might try it but it sounds rather odd tbf. They are surprisingly silent!! there's one part that does make noise but the rest of them are dandy.