Thursday, 24 October 2013


You know I'm a sucker for something scary. Films? Definitely. Stories? Uh Huh. Walks in the dark? I'm there. Maybe you weren't around last halloween, but for those of you that were - do you remember Michael and I went to Alton towers for their scarefest? Well this year, we went to Thorpe Park's Fright Night!

This time though, Michael had the wonderful idea of inviting some of my friends from Leeds that he hasn't seen for yonks, and I haven't seen for a while; Theana and Sam, and Harriet and Laurence. So, after many facebook messages back and forth, we managed to choose a date, find somewhere lovely to stay and arrange the whole thing!

(clockwise left to write, haz, loz, michael, fee and sam)

As you can see on their website, their are different live action mazes for people to scare you, the rides stay open til late and there are people in character roaming the park with masks and chain saws! Compared to Alton Towers, it was so much better. Actors were allowed to touch you, which made things scarier (I always say to people "they aren't allowed to touch you, if you're scared, just move past them, they can't do anything). WELL THAT'S NOT TRUE! They an do something. They can hold you in that space and touch your face with their fake gnawed arm (true story). And something else that was also better, was that some of the mazes were free play - no holding on to someone in front of you, no safety in numbers, just you making your way through the darkness. Of course I held Michael's hand (dragged him through some of it...) the whole time, but the fact no-one's reassuring hands were on my shoulders added a much needed eery edge.

Because the mazes were so popular, the queues were quite long. That was okay though, because they had actors patrolling and tormenting poor unknowing souls! Check out Sam, he was not okay with that haha. 

If you can get down there, I urge you to go! We got the tickets through tesco again so it was relatively cheap, and so much fun. If you do go, save cabin in the woods til last, it was easily the best one.


  1. Michael seems so serious all the time, do you have pictures of him acting goofy lol?

    1. You're gona wish you never asked ;)

      Think I'll stop there.. haha

  2. Ahahahaha, I TAKE IT BACK!!!!