Thursday, 7 November 2013

A Food Fayre

Last Sunday, I dragged a hungover Michael out of bed to go to a food Fayre. There's one every month near us and we hadn't managed to make it to one just yet, so it was high on my priority list. 

For a food Fayre there was very little food to choose from that you could eat immediately. There were more stalls for raw meats, cheeses, smoked bacon, fudge, chocolates, and garden supplies. We did find Michael a pulled pork roll though, naturally. 

It was a really very cold day so at this point we had a coffee whilst walking round an art gallery, whilst waiting to meet my friend Faye and her boyfriend Matt. We found them, had a quick catch up and went on our way to thaw out. 

And do you know what was necessary? 

What a good day. :) 

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