Friday, 22 November 2013

The Pact

Pact coffee is something I learned about through thelondoner. She shared with everyone a code which meant we could get delicious coffee delivered to our door for £1! £1!! (You know what? I have my own code too! If you want to get £1 coffee go to their website and use the code '#joyofsix').

Pacts mantra is that everyone should enjoy good coffee. So they've set up a business that sends you coffee depending on how often you drink it (delivery ranges from weekly to monthly etc) and they will carefully select different types for you to try. They also give you the options of ground for a filter or beans etc- rejoice in the choice!

Of course I took thelondoner up on the offer. You sign up online, write in your preferences, browse the selection and chose. The coffee is quickly delivered but be careful not to tear open all the packets- I think the second one is full of coffee! (A warning would have been nice though) 

I am yet to try the coffee as I had to dash off to work (and I kinda feel that you need to sit down and enjoy a good coffee- else you're just looking for caffeine and I'm trying my darnedest not to be a caffeine addict!) but I'm sure an update will ensue. 

I'm going to spend the day reading at my current favourite spot. The tea is wonderful, the cake is to die for and their tea cakes, I wish I could make them myself. Speaking on making myself... A Christmas cinnamon nut recipe may be making an appearance soon! 

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