Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Conversations with: My dad

I have a very good relationship with my dad; it's just me and him most of the time. So today, dad and I went to get me some new tyres. On the way back we heard on the radio that the word of the year (or something like that) is "selfie".

Dad: What even is a selfie?
Me: It's where you use your phone like this (demonstrates position) to take a photo of yourself/others, but it's taken by yourself too.
Dad: Oh.
Moments silence
Dad: you do that a lot, don't you?
Me: No not really (slightly outraged).
Dad: oh, oh, alright then.

and then I laughed. I half explained that taking photo's of outfits for the blog isn't really called a selfie and that I do not remember the last time I pouted (that's a key feature of a good, shameless selfie in my opinion). He still didn't get it, but I smiled all the way home.

on a side note, I am considering starting the Thankful Project tomorrow, have you done it? Would you like to?


  1. Aw omg that picture is so adorable!! Both your facial expressions are hilarious!! :)


  2. Excellent blog. Heartiest the greetings of Lithuania