Sunday, 24 November 2013

Sick Sundays

I think I have tonsillitis. Or glandular fever. Or something that would mean my sinus' are blocked, and my tonsils are huge, white, pussy and sore. Whilst this sucks and makes eating difficult, it does mean I get to indulge in a duvet day and lemsips. I have big cravings for hummus? Which is peculiar. 

I'm currently sat watching 'sleeping with the enemy' as I heard about it in training the other day and my intrigue has been steadily growing since. It's good, I am fearing the ending though. 

Do you have any recommendations for treatment or cure? I'm not a fan of anti biotics and would rather try most other things before resorting to them. 

How are you spending your Sunday? 


  1. I've been ill the last couple of weeks too. One of the people in Boots recommended Day and Night Nurse and it seemed to work pretty well with me. My boyfriend was also told to take Sudafed by his doctor, so you could give that try to clear up your nose?