Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Boots Instant Radiance Highlighter Review

Ever since I heard about face contouring, I've been crushing on all kinds of highlighters. My sister has the bodyshop one and I know a few other people who rave about it, but I've just never got round to buying one. Well.. in boots the other day when I bought a new mascara I got a £3 off No.7 voucher and decided to browse. I found their chubby little stick and loved the shimmery mixture. If you aren't sure, you are supposed to use highlighter to lighten areas, which I'm thinking is necessary when you have the bags under your eyes that I do recently! 

Michael was with me when I bought it and I explained to him what it was for, but while we were at a craft fair he said 'Stacey, stay still', so I curiously obeyed while he moved around me. He said, 'you've got glitter on your face'. Now, seen as we were at a craft fair I thought this was possible and I said, 'oh, where?' and he motioned around my eyes. I chuckled and said it was okay, that's what the highlighter looks like - and is supposed to look like more importantly!

So that's a real life review - it definitely adds shimmer. I like this product. I rub it straight on my face (under the eyes and around to under the eyebrows) as it's difficult to get on the brush, then blend it with the brush, then finish with my fingers because else it's too thick. I don't think that's a complaint; I get to use very little product for the effect that I like. It lightens in the way I want it to and hides my bags. Yes they're still visible up close - it's not a magic stick! But it does very well in my opinion.

Have you used this highlighter? What do you like to use?

p.s. since writing this post I've used it more and more, and I just love it. It's the newest part of my make up routine and I can't imagine not doing it now - it makes me feel so fancy too! xx


    I never really have time to wear highlighters, I just always forget that last step! I do think though sometimes it's a bit much on me, like I just feel extra glam when I put on my powder highlighter from TheBalm and sometimes I just don't really want that if I am going to school.

    1. Yeah that makes sense, I guess because I don't reaaaaaaaally see mine like 24/7 all day (not one of those who looks at their face a lot, more like one of those who catches their reflection in a shop window and wishes she would turn into one of those who looks at their face more so she didn't just walk around town looking like that). but when I do see it, it pleases me. haha