Tuesday, 26 November 2013


Have you seen Dizzee Rascal's new video? It is clever and I like it. I think you should watch and enjoy it too.

So I have some great news! I got a full-time grown up job! I have been struggling if I'm honest, I've been to a few interviews and none of them quite worked out. So I decided to apply for some jobs that were advertised near Michael's army base - which is 3 hours away from home. It was a brave move, because it not only means I'd have to relocate, it also means Michael and I will be moving in together, that we'll be renting (boo), and that I'll officially turn into an adult - no more pretending.

Well. I went for the interview the day after we flew back from Prague. slightly jet-lagged and more than tired, I came out thinking that I could have done a little better but that I hadn't messed anything up. I waited for agesssss for their decision - over a week! But they explained this was due to the fact that the team I chose wasn't a viable option for their service anymore but they still wanted me so they wanted to figure out where I could be placed. I'm really pleased with the actual job, as there were two choices and I got my top one, woohoo! I haven't got a contract or anything yet, so lets hope it all still goes ahead else I'll be back with my tail between my legs, eh?

But now there is a lot to figure out - what stuff we have, what stuff we'll need to get, how we'll get it there, what we can afford, where we're going to live etc. but the Queen of organisation has it down, and clearly made a pinterest board already. Oh and lists galore are going down too, I do love a good list! Unfortunately this might take a lot of my focus at the moment so there may be a few 'moving' features that I've discovered and want to share, but we'll see :)

Do you have any tips for me?!

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