Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Instant tack removal

Big necklaces are in at the moment and I am definitely going to be one to embrace it. In the primark sale, I managed to nab this monstrousity (sorry if you actually like it, I mean someone must, seen as it was made??) anywho, I didn't like it as it was just too much, so as I was sat waiting for the train, I worked my magic (okay fine I just removed the worst bits- with a pen no less haha) 

The offender- those hideous triangles

The beaut- just a chain with some cheap diamant├ęs. 

I know I said cheap diamant├ęs disapprovingly, but I quite like the necklace now and can't wait to get home and see what to pair it with. 

Do you ever find things you know could be nice but just aren't? Poor reject things. 

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