Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Sucky Day

I had a sucky day. At work it was good and fine, I left the office happy, but when I got through the door, boy was I in a sucky mood. I think it was a mix of few things but mainly the traffic. So here's how I cheered myself up (after lying in a dark room for a little while)

Do you like my nails? I did them yesterday :) 

A lollipop ring! Did you used to have these when you were little? My sister and I did. See, I'm definitely engaged now.
Cool American sweets that I've heard about on the Gilmore girls etc and finally tried for myself now :)

Lollipops! pear drop, cola and tutti fruitti.

So my teeth will hate me by the morning, but that's okay. I don't do it often. Hope your day's been better?

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