Tuesday, 28 February 2012

#1 What's in my bag?

I promised myself that I'd do this once a month and this month is almost over so I had best get one in quick!!

This is the bag in question..

These are the items in question..

Make up - Mac powder, concealer stick, lipstick - body shop, vaseline.
Food - cola lolly pop, galaxy cake bar (so crumpled as it's been in there ages!) chewing gum
Keys and book.

Pro plus, headphones, HP BBQ sauce (I seem to take a sachet with me everywhere I go!), hair band
hand cream, notepad, colourful markers, green pen/colour changey pen

ferrous sulphate tablets (iron to you and I, I'm slightly anemic), SatNav, pack of tissues,
Random condom (better safe than sorry), bottle of water, always person badge.

and lastly, my purse (which I forgot to put in the photo as it was out buying something...)

So.. how interesting was that! That's just a usual day.. should have done this post for my trip to London as I was a proper good mum and had everything prepared and ready :)

Here is some music too that I am just in love with recently! 

Isn't she just lovely?

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