Thursday, 2 February 2012


I had to get a new laptop today! My other one was falling apart, and seen as I got it when I started my A Levels in 2007, it has served me pretty well. That said, this new one has definitly broken the bank :( I wanted to be able to survive until I graduated and got a job near July time but things just kept getting worse; the screen, the keys, the mouse pad, the disc drive - it's on its last legs and I'd rather not run it into the ground so I can keep it as a trusty old back up.

I knew what I wanted from a new laptop ; HDMI port, built in webcam, good fan etc, so I browsed online for a fair while, reading reviews and loads of specifications. Theana's mum has been really helpful too so that was a bonus! This is the laptop I have chosen, as it has all the features I wanted and was reasonable in price. I'll write a review a bit later on, just because I don't really know any bad points right now!

So this is my new post from my new machine! I still need to buy microsoft etc so I am still using my other laptop for assignments, but I can tell this is a new beginning!

Sorry about the poor photo quality - iPhone uploads are just too easy. I'm trying to find a good deal on microsoft word, else I think I may cry. Dani's friend are up on the 17th so we have to show them a good time, and then Michael's London birthday weekend - not a good time to be broke :\ Anyways, this is not a place for money worries. How has your week gone? I can't believe it's Thursday already!! I've had a pretty good week actually :) 

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