Tuesday, 28 February 2012

London: Saturday Evening

This is a follow-up post from the original which can be found here.

When we finally started driving to London, we were greeted with stacks and stacks of traffic. Turns out this weekend was very busy in London with a rugby match at Twickenham, a football game and something else going on on Sunday. We left the sweet shop at about 1130-12ish and didn't arrive until 5-6pm that evening, which was a share because it was such a lovely day! Michael's favourite game was spot the range rover which got pretty tiring pretty quickly..

I'm so bored

Crazy over pass thingy

Tad scary, glad I wasn't driving

teehee immature.

After ages we got to our Premier Inn, here's the room

Michael's already decided his side.

View from the window

After we had a cuppa - Tea for Michael, Coffee for me because I gave up tea for lent :( - we hopped on the tube to look for a little restaurant recommended by this blog 
a long story short, we got VERY VERY lost. We must have got on at least 8-10 tubes to find this place, and when we got there at around 9pm, the lady on the door told us it'd be an hours wait for a table. Sorry, but no thank you. 

So instead, we hopped on ANOTHER tube to find China town and have some Chinese :)

We got the tube back to the travel lodge, had a shower and whilst Michael watched a film, I fell asleep! Again this is another long post so I'll save Sunday for tomorrow :) 

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