Monday, 2 April 2012

iPhone photo updates

Here are some super cute photo's I've been taking recently

A note I wrote Michael um, 3 months ago that he's only just found because I am a master of hiding places

leftover Christmas sweets

Cheeky cat. King of the castle ;) 

Kitty Hugs

Look who's coming to join me whilst putting make up on

Mmm Harvester

more photos from harry Potter that Theana didn't get

Mad eye moody was stuck in there

Each letter was handwritten

Marauder's map 

Black family tapestry


a drawing of a death eater

Fog when we were trying to return from spalding.. awful and scary

My shopping for the 2 weeks before I return home (eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee too excited!!)

Beautiful night scenes. I love it when the colour all blends

Teabag selection at work - green, peppermint, green with mint and raspberry/cranberry/elderflower

half ready for saturdays night out ha

I've had a fun day working on a playscheme with disabled children and now I'm getting a chocolate orange brownie, what have you been up to?

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