Saturday, 12 May 2012

Awol Annie #2

So, I'm sorry I've been a bit AWOL recently, I've had a job interview and an essay hand in as well as a long night shift. So here are a few things I need to catch you up on :)

avocado oatcake mix (amazing accidental occurance)

Mmm tastey dinner from tonight - mussels, calamari and prawn pasta

My new summer ball dress

Dinner after the interview Theana and I had 
(really authentic Thai place, amazing) 

Keema, yum.

My beautiful pastel nails!

Hazelnut Latte waiting for Theana to be done in her interview

Hope you guys have been well? The weathers going crazy here at the moment, sunny, hot, humid, rainy.. make up your mind! Needs to make up its mind.

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