Saturday, 19 May 2012

Smart LBD

So I bought this beaut of a dress on Friday. I was planning on wearing it on a date but that didn't go ahead so I thought I'd give you guys a sneak peak instead! I absolutely adore this dress, it nips in at the right place, it's a little too short but I could literally live in this dress, it has definitely become my favourite piece! When Harriet, Theana and I saw it in the shop they only had 8's, when I returned they still only had 8's but I wanted it so bad I tried it on just to see, and boy am I glad I did :) The only down point of this is that I can't do the top button up so where you can see the dress inside you're not really supposed to.. something I can handle though!

Here I've worn it with a pink headtie and pink nails. (Sorry it's a little creased)

 So yes, I love this little gem. What do you think? Geeee my room is such a mess.

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