Tuesday, 1 May 2012

'Paprika' Chicken Risotto

I found this recipe in the sainsbury's magazine (big fan). I was set on it because dad has olives in and I just thought it was a sign.

4 chicken thighs (we had legs so we're using 6!)
Paprika (yeah we didn't have any so we used bbq seasoning ha)
3garlic cloves
150g aborrio rice
400ml chicken stock
rosemary sprigs
6-8 black olives
1 tin of chopped tomatoes
Lemon Peel
200g peeled butternut squash (we didn't add this)

Mix the rice, stock, olives, rosemary and tomatoes into an ovendish. Cook for twenty minutes then stir.

Put the oil, garlic and chicken on another tray and cook in the oven. 

The recipe said to add chopped cherry tomatoes when you mix both together, however, we don't have any so we used sun dried tomatoes instead, tastey!

once both are cooked, mix together and enjoy! 

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