Saturday, 19 May 2012

an apple a day

So, as you should know my lovely sister is pregnant. A dream of hers is to have some kiddies and be able to work from home; blogging, crafty, having her own corner of the internet for beautiful things. because I know this, I bear it in mind when I see things that I fancy making. Recently it's been this from pinterest;

The pinterest link is broken, but should be found here
Luckily, the photo is pretty self explanatory. 

It's such a cool idea and Natalie is good at making things so she'd be able to whip up a few bags in no time :)

What do you reckon? If you'd like to follow me on pinterest, here is a link to my boards. Any super plans for the weekend? I'm going to the museum with Kate tomorrow :)


  1. That is such a great idea! That looks so cute! Also congratulations to your sister.

  2. I love the rabbit with his paws up and that cute owl pitcher on your pinterest - and what a good idea a place for you to collect things with no 'things!!! love you x x x