Tuesday, 22 May 2012


Kate and I went on a girl date on Sunday; lunch, the museum and then a film.

We had a buffet that was like thai/chinese/indian/italian etc... amazing!
This was the first round; wings, salad and chicken

Second round, curry!

Kate loving the curry

And dessert, mm mm

Teasing our friend with our tasty delights, he decided to pretend he was going through my stuff!

We put that bowl back together all by ourselves

Yeah this is a mirror image of above mentioned friend

Kate in the kid area

Princess Kate dressing up

Yeah now she's in the hut

Can't keep up with that girl

Some please tell me what that is? the saw like thing? 
I reckon it came from some sort of under water animal

The only owl :)

Everyone that read the sign was supposed to rub the stone down the middle, that way in a little while after a fair few people had rubbed it, we would break the stone in half - amazing!

Lovely day with a lovely girl. 5/5 on the date front, don't tell her though, she'll brag.

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  1. That looks like a fun day - lovely food and a lovely friend and lovely you !!! x x x