Sunday, 27 May 2012

30 day challenge

No I'm not talking about some sort of food or work out challenge.. just a journal prompt a day!

Janel over at runwithscissors does an annual 30 day prompt for people to get creative and draw in their journals. It has been running for two years and I am proud to say that I have loved the last two! This year I'll be using the journal my sister bought for me when she saw what I was drawing on in the first year, and it also has the scribbles I did in the second year.

if it sounds like your kinda thing, why not pop along and try it out?? Even if you don't think you can draw well, it's such a fun thing to do everyday for a month and who knows, by the end of it you might have gotten better! If you're stuck for inspiration, Janel shares her's in the post with the prompt as a heads up. Everyone shares their photo's on Janel's page, only if you want to, I never have because mine are for me :) Maybe this year!

So go on... give it a go!

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