Friday, 25 May 2012

That's a bad Daisy.

So on Wednesday night, a very bad thing happened. Very bad. Super bad even. I was pulling onto the motorway and my car just cut out, very bad Daisy. I called my parents, I spoke to traffic officers who had to push me onto the hard shoulder, I called the AA and then I sat at the top of a hill and cried. 
at the top of the hill

About to be towed

A very sad StaceyFace

Dropped off at the service station

this is dinner!

Next man to help me ha

Feeling a bit better but looking a lot worse for wears haha

Some cool wheel thing

Oh yeah, we mean business

Daisy's going for a ride

Getting all secure

Fixed up and ready to go

Very organised AA man

Dropping me off outside the garage

Bye bye friend!

Travelling to work the next day; the second train

Lovely canal to walk past though

a beautiful company car to play around with

It has been very stressful and seen as my head gasket has gone, it is going to be very expensive to fix - one more thing I do not want to deal with at the moment. So sorry I have been a bit AWOL - big messes to clear up. How have you been?

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  1. I am sure she will be as good as new soon - poor you and poor Daisy though :( x