Thursday, 7 February 2013

Nails #9 decorated pearl

In poundland the other day, I found some really sweet things to make nail art even more fun! There are 12 different 'jewel's'- a variety of stars, flowers, clovers and hearts. I am not the most proud of this design, I have definitely come up with better things (it's the colour pairing that's off in my opinion..) but this one's still cute in its own way. I love this pearly colour that my sister got me for my birthday, but I thought the pink of the star needed grey behind it, and together it just doesn't quite work.

After re-looking at these photo's I couldn't kid myself anymore that I could walk around with nails like that, so I added another purpley shade on top of the pearl

Have you ever used nail gems? How do you find them? That wooden stick was so useful.. it woulda been a struggle if I didn't have it!


  1. So pretty! I've never used nail gems before. Do they get in the way?

    1. Unfortunately they kinda do. I had my dotty tights on as I painted my nails (oh, as you can see actually!) and I was so paranoid about them catching that I had to change. And I went to laserquest last night (so so good aha) and 5 of them came off.. not really a great start but I only put one coat of clear over the top to seal them on so perhaps that was the issue x